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Drake and Josh

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

“Drake and Josh” isn’t just another day at the movies. Although the show is set at the local movie theatre, this sitcom has something special. The show’s theme is how brothers Drake and Josh work through their differences and get to the point of loving and respecting each other. “Drake and Josh” on Nickelodeon Monday through Saturday every night at 5:30 p.m. “Drake and Josh” is a must-see show because of the humorous plot, the interesting characters, and the witty and creative writing.

“Drake and Josh” is a great sitcom because of the humorous plot. The show follows two brothers and their daily lives and problems. For example, in one episode Josh (Josh Peck) has trouble compromising with his family and friends, and Drake (Drake Bell) struggles with committing to his girlfriend. Although Drake and Josh have normal lives individually, most teenage boys don’t share a room with a step brother that’s the same age. This adds a unique and humorous twist to the plot.

The next thing that makes “Drake and Josh” a great show is the diverse and interesting characters. The theme of the show is how Drake and Josh learn lessons so it only makes since that Drake and Josh are lovable have-to-see characters. Despite this the teenage brothers are totally opposite. Drake is a guitar playing lead singer who only cares about music, food, and girls, while Josh is responsible and puts school, work, and family above all.

The final component that makes “Drake and Josh” a great sitcom is the witty and creative writing. The way Drake and Josh interact is so brotherly, you would think it was an exact argument that you and your own sibling have had before. For example, Drake and Josh often argue about who takes the car out for the night. This usually ends up in a problem and gives a great topic for the rest of the show. The writers that write the script for “Drake and Josh” definitely give the viewers reasons to keep watching.

Thanks to the awesome plot, the hilarious characters, and the keep-you-watching writing, “Drake and Josh” really is a great sitcom. After reading this review there’s only one thing left to do, relax flip on the TV and enjoy a great laugh. Remember “Drake and Josh” is definitely worth your time and is 30 minutes well spent.

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