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The Cosby Show

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever herd Bill Cosby do a comedy and how funny he is well The Cosby Show goes above and beyond that. The Cosby show has an average family Dr. Huxtable and Mrs. Huxtable with five kids and of coarse every day dilemmas. It’s on WGN at 4:00, 4:30 every day accept on weekends. The Cosby show is entertaining because the plot is like real life, the characters are believable, and the acting makes the show worth watching.

The plot is like real life because every family looses somebody for a minute. Rudy was supposed to stay with Theo but Theo didn’t want to go where Rudy wanted to go. So when Theo got distracted and then turned around again Rudy was gone. While all of this was going on there mom is trying to win a contest. All of this took place in the mall.

The characters are believable. Every body had to tell there parents or some one that they lost who ever it was. In this episode Theo has to tell his parents that he lost Rudy. Well when Theo was looking for Rudy, she came to her parents and asked them if she could stay with her friends. When Theo told his dad the expression on his face was so funny. All the time Dr. Huxtable is making faces.

The acting is what makes the show worth watching. How Theo is so frantic trying to find Rudy. He was looking everywhere and asking everyone. It all was made possible with the expressions on Theo’s face. Everyone asks for some help sometimes. Well Theo’s sister saw this really cute guy and asked Theo to help her get him so it was funny with all of the dialogue going on

The Cosby show has a great plot, the characters are believable and the acting is funny. Your life isn’t complete without watching the show. So rush home from school and turn that TV on and watch the show.

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