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   You know the time between school and dinner, (the time when reruns of the "Brady Bunch" are on and they look a lot better than that essay on the Civil War); well, due to the high technology of remote control, I was flipping channels and came across a new concept in teenage entertainment (the ultimate what-is-this-world-coming-to television shows): a teenage soap opera!

The show is called "Tribes" and it is broadcast at 5: 30 on Fox 25. It portrays teenagers in what appears to be a suburban high school and the problems that teenagers supposedly encounter, not very successfully.

None of it is believable. All of the characters are somewhat good-looking and don't have acne. They just whine about serious problems, like divorce and teenage pregnancy. They don't really tackle their problems like you or I probably would. If you've had a bad day, I'd recommend this soap opera for a good laugh.

Here's the biggest laugh of all, just like day-time dramas, they have a cliff hanger on Fridays!!n

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