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   "Millennium" is the latest creation of Chris Carter, known for the series "The X-Files." His specialty is the paranormal and unknown, and "Millennium" does not disappoint.

Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) is a consultant for the Millennium Group, which is a group of people with special interest in the coming millenium. Black has moved to Seattle to settle with his family.

Unfortunately, the first murder occurs just as he arrives. A young woman is stabbed to death in her home. Black uses his powers first when he goes to examine the victim. Without even removing the plastic cover, he is able to tell the injuries. After retrieving a security tape of the victim's workplace, Frank identifies the killer. On the tape, the killer is quoting from the book of Revelations. Frank has a vision in which he sees the murder from the killer's point of view. The killer believes he is a prophet and is acting out Revelations.

"Millennium's" plot is a bit weak. Many details are left unexplained, such as who the head belongs to. Most of the show is made to keep you watching. This is accomplished perfectly. The show is also variegated. You think you know what will happen, and then all of a sudden the plot turns 90E. "Millennium" is full of horrific images: heads without bodies, blood running down walls, burning bodies, and brutalized victims are ordinary. It makes "The X-Files" look like "Sesame Street."

The show is quite similar NBC's "Profiler." However, "Profiler" does not generate an atmosphere like "Millennium." "Millennium" never has a funny moment, and Lance Henriksen looks like he has never laughed. Chris Carter has definitely chosen the right actor for the part. "Millennium" is great if you like shows along the lines of "The X-Files." It may even be a little bit shocking.

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