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The Andy Griffith Show

January 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Before everybody loved Raymond, everybody loved Andy, and they still do! It’s the simple life story of two and a half men and the characters they meet along the way in the small town of Mayberry. Every morning, at 9:00 on TV Land, viewers are treated to reruns of the beloved “Andy Griffith Show.” “The Andy Griffith Show” is well loved for its characters, its plots, and, most of all, the messages it teaches.

The characters of this great sitcom include Andy Griffith as Andy Taylor, Sheriff of the small town of Mayberry, North Carolina. Andy is a friend to all the townspeople. I recall one particular episode where he tore up a ticket his deputy had written to Emma for jaywalking because he said that “Any steps she can save only means that she’ll be with us that much longer.” His deputy, Barney Fife, played by the late Don Knotts, is the plucky comic relief. Andy is the perfect straight man to the comedic situations in which Barney finds himself. Barney is such a goof; he can’t keep bullets in his gun for risk he might shoot himself in the foot by accident. Opie, played by Ronnie Howard, is the well-mannered and courteous son of Sheriff Taylor. In one episode, Opie gave up a job he had earned so that another boy whose family was in financial trouble could have it instead.

The plots for the show were very well planned out. They were written so that viewers could relate to what was happening in the show. They could relate because it has happened to them or they’ve seen it happen before. In other words, it follows the life of “Everyman.” There’s the key; all of these story lines can happen in real life and not just some fairy tale land where the guy always gets the girl. For example, in one storyline, the new boy in town was a real brat who got everything he wanted and he started teaching Opie ways to pout and throw tantrums to get his way. Opie asked for a raise on his allowance, but Andy said no. So, Opie tried all these things to change his dad’s mind. Parents can relate to this situation at some point.

The theme is a large portion of what makes this nice for the whole family to watch. The overarching theme of “The Andy Griffith Show” is to teach a message of value in every episode. Very loosely speaking, it is an “educational show” that is fun to watch. That is a rare combination in today’s society.

In conclusion, “The Andy Griffith Show” is a family show where the characters, the story line, and the theme all teach life lessons. My parents have watched this show since they were children and so have I, and I will recommend it to my children. The messages taught on this show are timeless.

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