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   There are only a few good shows that are worth turning on the TV for. I believe the greatest and most ingenious show ever created is the cartoon, "The Simpsons." This show is absolutely hysterical. When Matt Groening created "The Simpsons" several years ago, he revolutionized the way people look at cartoons. It combines the perfect amount of humor, drama, romance, and parody. This is the only show, other than "Saturday Night Live" that actually makes me laugh out loud. "The Simpsons" is also an incredible ratings grabber because it appeals and contains material that's entertaining to both kids and adults. The show is fun for some people because there isn't anything special about the Simpson family. They're not rich, or space travelers, or secret spies. They're just regular lower-middle class Americans with three kids, who are trying to get by. It's what happens to them that makes the show so great. Another thing that makes "The Simpsons" so great is the fact that, unlike shows with live actors, the Simpsons never age. They can live on forever, long after the creators have died. I'm sure that when I'm old and can't remember how to swallow, or the name of my wife, or even my own name for that matter, I will be able to remember and quote the Simpsons. Sad, isn't it? .

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