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   So you hate "Southpark," but find yourself watchingit every now and then. (Some-times you even laugh, in spite ofyourself.) But you want something a tad more sophisticated.Wait no more - there is a cartoon for you. It's called"Dr. Katz," and it is a Comedy Central animatedseries for mature audiences.

I don't want to frightenyou with the word "sophisticated," but rest assuredthis show is a step above belching eight-year-olds. It isabout a psychiatrist (yes, Dr. Katz) who suffers throughsessions with his patients, ranging from Lisa Kudrow to BenStiller, with a bunch of nobodies in between. At the end ofthe day, Dr. Katz goes home to his overweight, joblesstwenty-something kid.

This is comedy at its finest. Theanimation is not superb, unless you enjoy having everythingvibrate (from the table to Dr. Katz), but you get used to thatafter a while. You'll be so engrossed with the hilarity thatyou don't mind the subtle imperfections. The writers use theSeinfeld motif: details about nothing and not trying too hard.Dr. Katz's characters are the first to laugh at themselves,which is much more appealing than the annoying laugh trackplayed ad nauseam in other comedies.

Dr. Katz is agreat character. So what if he is a hypocrite - he listens topeople's problems for a living, but his wife leaves himbecause he "doesn't listen." If anything, that makesus like him more. For a cartoon, he's a lot more human thanmost characters on television.

I give "Dr.Katz" my highest rating. It is so well written it shouldappeal to anyone. If you like "Seinfeld," or kind ofenjoy "Southpark," you might love "Dr.Katz" as much as I do.


By Billy A., Phoenix, AZ

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