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How Good is Peacemaker

February 18, 2022
By Ori SILVER, Wyckoff, New Jersey
Ori SILVER, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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"It's not about what the intention was, it matters what the intention led to." Ori Young

Peacemaker is a superhero show about an assassin/mercenary who is meant to be in jail but instead is on a black ops mission to destroy “butterflies.” Peacemaker is a spinoff from The Suicide Squad, it showcases a lot of characters who were familierized from that film. The main character in this show had a big role in that movie. His name is Christopher Smith or as you may know him Peacemaker. This film has completely toppled my expectations which were set quite low at the beginning. This show made me laugh, cry, and enigmatic. Arguable Peacemaker is the best dc show to come out so far. passing The Flash, Legends of tomorrow, The Arrow, Supergirl, Naomi, Superman & Lois, Doom Patrol, Batwomen, and Black Lightning on my list of shows by a long shot. Not only did the director and writer James Gunn make me feel what this character is feeling it made me understand Peacemaker and why he makes the decisions that he does. The only bad thing I probably have to say about the show is the amount of blood that is shown. Even though I think that brings a sense of realism to the film that many others don’t. I don’t want to spoil the show but the things Peacemaker had to do in the last 2 episodes are crazy. You can really tell that Peacemaker is struggling but pushing through it to help save the world and keep the peace. The director of this show James Gunn directed all of the Guardians of the galaxy and helped write some of the avengers avengers. You can tell by how the show plays out that this director knew what he was doing. The show Peacemaker is a new phenomenon that came out on January 13, 2022. Peacemaker has 8 episodes total with another season on the way, currently in production. The acting by everyone in the movie is phenomenal and fantastic. I could feel every emotion that was shown to me on screen. I would not be surprised if this show ended up being the best reviewed show that DC has ever made. I would recommend this show to any one of my peers, colleges, and relatives. Peacemaker is an absolutely amazing film that I am giving a 11/10. I am excited to see what they do in season 2, and what they come up with next. I am hoping it will hold up to my new expectations.

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