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January 24, 2020
By camilamedeles GOLD, Sacramento, California
camilamedeles GOLD, Sacramento, California
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 The Netflix´s phenomenal show Unbelievable aired on September 13th 2019. With only 8 episodes this show still managed to capture my attention.This story will bring you to tears and make you experience heartbreak for it is based on a true story. This show is a story about 3 women that get sexually assaulted by the same man but they are a few years apart. It follows the story of all 3 women and how the men in the criminal justice system turned their backs on them. 

 The show starts off with the main character Marie Adler an 18 year old girl who lives by herself telling 2 male detective about the traumatizing experience she just went through.Marie claims that an intruder broke into her apartment and had raped her.After few hours after the incident she is told to explain what happened three times. Then a day later she has to do a written statement but all 4 statements don ́t match.So the detectives pressure Marie to admit that she is lying, so do to pressure she does.This causes the case to close. That's when everyone started to turn their back on her and call her a liar.Marie then starts to feel depressed,alone,and she suffers from PTSD. 

 Three years later there is another sexual assault in Colorado and detective Karen Duvall takes on the case.She does some investagting and comes to find out there was another assault that was unsolved not that far from her case´s location. She contacted the detective who worked on the case because she thought they were connected.They work together to identify the assailant and come to find out they are indeed connected.

 But to make a good show you need good casting.The cast of Unbelievable did an outstanding job of portraying their characters.Kaitlyn Dever takes on the leading role,Marie Adler. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my career...I was putting myself in these emotional spaces every single day for three to four months”,Dever tell Entertainment.Director Susannah Grant did an incredible job of going back and forth of the past and future.Also the flashbacks were a huge aspect of the story because it showed authenticity of what the victims were going through.Which is why I enjoyed this show because it shows women empowerment and its unfiltered.This show wanted to be as realistic as possible. It was meant to start a conversation about what women have to go through and how in moments like these not just women,men as well should be supported and not abandoned.

 This show was meant to make the audience feel emotions.To be able to connect to the characters. Unbelievable was such a well made show that they even got a Golden Globe nomination for best Miniseries or Television show.Also some cast members were nominated for their performance as well.I recommend watching this series if you like true crime and drama shows.Overall this show is just remarkable and it will definitely leave an impact on you.  

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An unbelievable story brought to life.

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