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Capitol Debate

October 13, 2019
By BotongLi BRONZE, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
BotongLi BRONZE, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
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Summer camp at Capitol Debate: A life changing experience

In just two weeks, I not only learn new skills through the programs and classes on STEM communications we took every day; I also learned how to be more independent; how to use critical thinking skills and improve communication skills with my classmates, teachers, and audiences.

The camp is divided into two parts. The first one is "informative speech" where we learned how to convey information accurately and clearly... I remember when I first finished my draft of the informative speech and began to practice speaking it in front of my peers, my teacher, PJ began to correct my posture, gestures, turns and, most important and difficult part -- how to walk on the stage according to the ups and downs of the speech. According to how human normally read a paragraph, PJ suggested me to start from the middle of the stage, then move to right, to the middle, then to the left, then the middle, and repeat this process again until i finished i speech. In the beginning, I often forget many movements, but by practicing every night and every day, I successfully memorized my speech, gestures, and how to walk on the stage to attract the audience. The second part of the camp is persuasive speech, where we change our original presentation to something that can motivate others to take actions. Not only that, all students will compete with each other to decide the top seven. I was very excited but at the same time very anxious about the competition, I was afraid that the questions my classmates gave me would be very difficult and I couldn't answer them, but it turns out I'm getting better every round, and I will successfully answer all the difficult questions with my accumulated knowledge and researches i did on that topic.

Overall, I am very grateful to my mother for giving me this opportunity and my teachers for giving me guidance. I will never forget about this experience, and the lifelong friendships and memories will always resonate with me.

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