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Another Eternity by Purity Ring MAG

May 28, 2016
By beyondthesky PLATINUM, Santa Monica, California
beyondthesky PLATINUM, Santa Monica, California
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Purity Ring, an electronic pop duo formed in 2010, has reemerged onto the electronic pop music scene with their second album, Another Eternity.

Back in 2012, Purity Ring’s album Shrines attracted a loyal audience with specific tastes for the intricately textured, eerie, ethereal melodies, produced by Corin Roddick’s instrumentals, and the gentle pitch shifting vocals performed by Megan James. The album’s most popular singles, such as “Ungirthed”, combine abstract lyrics (“The dust of my knuckles familiar/ to culminated piles/ to culminated piles of bones/ that shift when the earth quakes and trembles, trembles”) and airy yet impactful electro-pop instrumentals that are nearly indistinguishable throughout the album.

Another Eternity introduces a similar, yet entirely renewed style for Purity Ring. The album still utilizes some of the same musical and lyrical styles of Shrines, with a more mainstream pop feel. This has both hindered and helped the duo’s success; while many devoted fans have expressed dismay at these alterations, many new fans have been attracted to this far less esoteric album.

Another Eternity tells a more clear set of stories than Shrines and is therefore more memorable and catchy. The lyrics are poetic, yet simple and straightforward (this is especially apparent in the chorus of “Bodyache”: “I, I, I lied, now I’m wide awake/I, I, I cried till my body ache”). The trap beats and electro-pop lightness are less heavy-handed than in Shrines, yet they maintain a similar futuristic, distant mood. James’s vocals are sweet as she sings of twisted, strange ideas (“I could hear your back cracking/Over the sky so you could wear it/Thunder whispered low so/You could bear it in”). This juxtaposition is further expressed with wispy, enlightening instrumentals that give one the sensation of floating on clouds, surrounded by twinkling stars.

All in all, both albums are brilliant and subtly unique. They contradict, yet complement each other and are both worth exploring for new listeners. The underrated talent and creativity of Corin Roddick and Megan James definitely deserves a larger audience. To get a taste of their style, check out their full set at this year’s Coachella or their music videos on YouTube!

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