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By Anonymous

   You know that any band that uses Salvador Dali's artwork for their album cover must be cool. I think that's the way that any punk, thrash, industrial, alternative, and other music fans will view this album. Great grooves, thoughtful, impressive lyrics laced with the words of Wordsworth, Byron, and Shakespeare with fierce guitars is how I would describe "Song For Insects." Dustin Donalson (percussion), Christopher Lee (guitar), Brent Oberlin (vocals, bass, keyboards), and Paul Enzio (guitar), put together a very indescribable, artsy, colorful album. They could be progressive, they could be industrial, they could be almost anything they wish. It's fairly obvious that they have the range to extend to any facet of music they wish. Who isn't this album for? New Kids-toting, Seattle bandwagon-jumping, Debbie Gibson-loving fans. This album is like a fine poem, it takes many readings until you fully understand the concept, but you may never understand the meaning. Most of all, I liked the use of Keat's quote "Do not all charms fly at the mere touch of cold philosophy?" (It's below the lyrics for "Blistered Text and Bleeding Pens," in case you're looking.) Is the album worth the ten bucks? Yup! n

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i love this so much!