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Track Four

November 19, 2007
By Anonymous

Track Four
Music flows through our ears. Music touches our spirit. The beat takes hold and drags us into a new world, a world away from the one we know. We close our eyes slowly, and forget where we are. All we feel is our breath move slowly through our nose and out our mouth. There is no other sound in the room; the music fills it all, yet we want to turn it louder still. The other senses go numb. All that exists are the drums, guitar, vocals, and piano. Reality is lost, and we would not want it any other way.
Many people have a song that connects deep within their being, a song that helps the world controllable. The song recognizes them. Something in their life clicks, and their soul is turned on.
My song is track four, Jet’s “Move On.” I can identify the tune immediately. The soft guitar is heard first. After a few mellow strums, the guitar is heard slightly louder, but it maintains an acoustic style. The lead singer begins, “Well I’ve been thinking ‘bout the future. Such a waste to always look behind you.” Past that all else is lost in my memory.
The first time I heard it I was crying. I had listened to the life story of someone I will forever look up to. After his “talk,” he played that song. It brings me back to the memories of when I was truly sane, back to the one weekend where everything in my life made sense. Because of these lyrics, I will forever remember how strong I am. The song brings me back to his words, the words of how he over came his father and moved on in his life. I hear them in my head when I play that song. He told them to me, and his narrative changed my life.

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