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   The latest collection of Doors' tunes is sure to delight the band's long-time devotees as well as its legions of new fans. Besides classics like "Hello I Love You" and the once-revolutionary "Light My Fire," the album includes two new songs both released long after lead singer Jim Morrison's death in 1971.

One of the new tracks, "The End," from the "Apocalypse Now" soundtrack hauntingly tells of a relationship's finish. "This is the end/Beautiful friend/This is the end/My only friend/The end" sings Morrison with characteristic brooding. The other new song, "The Ghost Song," is not really a song, but a poem spoken aloud to music. Like most of Morrison's writing, it is dramatic and unconventional. The popular "People Are Strange" describes the fears and insecurities people face when they are alienated from those around them. "Break On Through" has the aggressive live-for-the-moment intensity that the Doors personify. The album also includes a live cut of "Roadhouse Blues" delivered with energy and plenty of crowd support.

The Doors' ageless appeal lies in their ability to communicate the loves, hates and occasionally, the problems of the young. It is this quality which has won generations of youthful listeners

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