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By Anonymous

   I recently a purchased an album (I'm going to say album because I refuse to call it anything else) containing the greatest hits of one Frank Sinatra. This is one of the best musical selections I have ever made. I listen to everything from Ice Cube to Jewel (my girlfriend), so Mr. Sinatra was not out of the ordinary for me, because there is no ordinary. The way Frank gets into every song is what makes me dig him so much. Every song starts with a soft-spoken melody, usually about a woman or booze, or both. Then as the song progresses, he starts to get more into it, picking up the pace as the background music gets louder. Sinatra almost always ends with a final phrase, usually sung with great emphasis and volume. I don't have to name songs because they all sound alike, but that's what's cool about the album. You can put it on, and it sounds like one song played for an hour. If you're in a Sinatra-esque mood, you can just let the record play and not have to worry about skipping over the bad songs because they're all the same.

So if you're not afraid to actually listen to something other than Dave Matthews Band, give Frank a try, I'm sure that he won't let you down. .

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i love this so much!