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   If you want to buy an Erykah Badu tape, she can be found in the R&B section. She has a very unique style.Erykah Badu was born in Dallas, Texas in 1973. As a teenager, she attended prestigious School of Arts in Dallas, where she spent most of her time rhyming, acting, writing, and reciting poetry. She was known as MC Apple. Her poems reflect what is going on in the world today. They have an "old soul," meaning they are about situations that happened in the 1950's and 60's. In college, Badu listened to soul music by artists like Stevie Wonder and Niecey Williams. Performing was in her blood. Badu began building her reputation in Dallas in the mid '90s. She performed the opening acts for Tribe Called Quest, Roots and D'Angelo when they visited her town. She is an individual who creates her own flow. Her songs specifically address the life and culture of young African-Americans. Badu is an artist with the purest sense of words. Her style is powerful. She is capable of stirring the deepest emotions in others. Here is an example of her work: "This world is so dramatic/I can't believe that we're still living/Oh, in this crazy crazy world, that I'm still living!" This verse talks about situations that happen in the world today. With all this madness happening, she is surprised the creator doesn't come back and end the world.Badu's voice is unique. When she is performing, the audience is hynotized. While on stage, she lights candles and incense and uses a conversational approach. Erykah Badu entered the charts at number two, achieving the highest chart position for a debut album by a female singer.Through the songs Erykah Badu writes, she tries to express what she feels. Badu affects me because she is so different from other R&B singers. Her most recent local appearance was at the Madison Square Garden with rapper Busta Rhyme. Recently Erykah Badu won five awards from Soul Train Music Awards

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