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Apocalyptica - ... Plays Metallica MAG

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   Apocalyptica, a fourman band from Northern Europe, plays some of Metallica'sgreatest hits - on the cello, as their album's title,"Apocalyptica Plays Metallica with Four Cellos,"indicates.

The album begins with one of the most famousMetallica songs, "Enter Sandman." Surprisingly, itsounds very much like Metallica. The band uses a cello forevery instrument: guitar, bass, drums and even vocals. Theyalso used the cellos for Kirk Hammett's brilliant solos. Theyfollow up "Enter Sandman" with another trademarkMetallica song, "Master of Puppets." The fast-pacedsong is put together well with solos and vocal pitches. One ofmy favorite Metallica songs, "Harvester of Sorrow,"makes the listener realize how similar the sounds are betweenthe two bands.

When they play the mellow "TheUnforgiven," it almost sounds like a renaissance song. Itmakes anyone who listens sad. A more heavy-metal type of tune,"Sad But True," sounds very similar to Metallica'sversion. A song off Metallica's early album, "Ride theLightning," "Creeping Death" blends slowerrhythms with hard, "heavy cello" beats."Wherever I May Roam" starts off slowly and buildsup to the climax with a fast beat. For an encore, Apocalypticawraps up the album with "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)."It is very melodic.

A unique album, Apocalyptica hasonly one downside. If you are a Metallica fan or heavy-metalenthusiast who can't live without pounding drums and thrashingguitars, this album isn't for you. The vocal tunes and pitchescould use a little work. There is only so much one can do witha cello.

If you are open to different types of music,this is a great album. I recommend borrowing it from a friendbefore buying it.

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