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Squad Five-O - Bombs Over Broadway MAG

By Anonymous

   "Rockin' it, rockin' it, at the apocalypse!"Squad Five-O's lead singer Jeff Fortson shouts in "Apocalypse Now" fromtheir new album, "Bombs Over Broadway." This extraordinary third effortoutdoes their stunning debut album, "What I Believe."

"Bombs Over Broadway" was released by Squad Five-O's new label, Tooth& Nail Records, best known for the band MxPx. For those who have never heardof Squad Five-O, they are a totally awesome and unique rock band influenced by'70s and '80s punk and rock and roll.

The title track of "Bombs OverBroadway" captivates the listener with its catchy guitar riffs and chorus. Ifound myself singing along the first time I heard it. Another highlight, "WeRule the Night," shows off the band's herculean muscles, beginning with adriving bass and rhythmic drum beat, and turning into an all-out party once theguitar and vocals come in. Other tracks I recommend include the upbeat"Renegade" and "Tramps on the Run," as well as the slower,more melodic, "Restless Youth."

The band consists of two pairsof brothers - Jeff Fortson (lead singer and guitar) and John Fortson (bass andback-up vocalist), as well as Adam Garbinski (guitar and back-up) and JustinGarbinski (drums). I recommend this album to fans of any type of rock or punkmusic because Squad Five-O knows how to have a great time and entertain. Believeme when I say this album is no disappointment. The Zeus of all rock-and-rollbands, Squad Five-O gives out more in-your-face sound than ever. Check it out.

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