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DJ Teebee & K - “Deeper Side of Drum & Bass” MAG

By Anonymous

     One of the best drum and bass albums in the world of break beats has just joined my CD collection. Although produced two years ago, “The Deeper Side of Drum and Bass” brings a new line of fresh beats and bass lines directly to your ears.

Since 1997, Teebee and K have collaborated with some of the best musicians and created elaborate mixes. This album is no different and is a brilliant testimony to their talents. At times I am biased when it comes to reviewing un-familiar artists, but this review is an exception.

The first track, “Now,” has a fast tempo but that doesn’t stop the other sounds from making a difference in the song’s overall quality. The next four tracks bring a vibrant edge of bass developed by Teebee himself. My favorite song on the album is “7th Dynasty,” which has a retro feel but more importantly ventures into a more foreign sound with the help of flutes.

The rest of the album is just as great, and with 16 tracks in all, you’re guaranteed to dance into infinity. Most of the tracks don’t have vocals but the mixing abilities of Teebee and K make up for that in dramatic fashion.

Lately, more and more people will tell you that drum and bass is about to die out. I can honestly say that this will not happen with the help of record labels and artists like Teebee and K. I definitely recommend this album and hope Teebee and K continue to produce more albums just like this one.

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i love this so much!