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~ Music Interview~ by I Am Vassal

January 26, 2010
By Amanda Paige PLATINUM, Kissimmee, Florida
Amanda Paige PLATINUM, Kissimmee, Florida
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1. As an acoustic artist is there one particular artist/band
you look up to or find inspiration from?

"I really look up to Bright Eyes and Death Cab For Cutie. They both
have such depth to they're lyrics and are so musically talented.
I guess you could say they are my biggest inspiration."

2. You play guitar, are you self-taught?

"I am sort of self taught. My dad helped at first, but after awhile i just
kinda took it and ran with it."

3. What is the meaning behind 'I am Vassal'?

"In the Medieval times when a peasant owed something to a noble they
become a servant to their noble lord. They were then called a Vassal.
I feel like I am a servant to my lord so I Am Vassal."

4. Do you play any other instruments?

"I can play piano or synth, bass, harmonica, drums, mandolin, banjo, and
ukulele. I taught myself all of them, but I am best at guitar, bass, uke
and piano."

5. What genre of music do you consider yourself?

"I don't really think genres are important. Music is a form of expression and
you shouldn't classify that into different things. I wouldn't want to attract
just a group that likes 'indie'' or 'acoustic' music. I want to attract people
that like just music in general."

6. How would you describe your sound?

"The sound of my music is calm i guess. It is something you can listen to when
you are just relaxing. I try to not make it boring, but not like full of energy,
so i guess it is just relaxing."

7. What is one artist/band you would love to see in concert
this year?

"I would love to see Death Cab if they do a tour."

8.What is your hope to accomplish in music?

"I just hope i can reach people with my lyrics. I want people to be able to relate
to the words i sing. I would love to go as far as I can with it and if it happens
then awesome, but if not then I will always use it for a way to get my emotions out."

9. What is your 'Theme'' song right now?

"hmm... I honestly have no idea.""

10.Where is your dream place to perform?

"I don't really have a single place I would love to perform. I guess I would like to play
shows at like a House of Blues, but other then that there's no specific place."

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