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My World by Justin Bieber

December 27, 2009
By Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
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"My World" is the debut album from fifteen year old, pop star Justin Bieber. With great lyrics and irresistable beats, this is a debut album that you'll just never want to miss. "One Time" starts the album off with a nice, danceable mix of pop beats and techno licks to create a very infectious tune which helps to create one of Justin's biggest hits EVER. "Favorite Girl" has a wonderful chorus and a beat that's extremely heart grabbing; not to mention that this song becomes even more special with it's very uniquely-put-together lyrics and awesome vocal arrangement. "Down to Earth" starts off with a pretty piano lead then breaks into some pop fusion but still includes the piano as one of the main instruments. Then, it goes back to just the piano for a wonderful finish. "Bigger" picks the pace up a little with a very catchy tune. It's definitely a song that you and your friends will be dancing and singing to all night long. "One Less Lonely Girl" is the full package when it comes to the pop genre, and it even includes high flying vocals as a plus. "First Dance" features Usher, who starts the song off with a very original intro. Then, Justin takes the song into a soft ballad with a techno flavor that makes this song what it is. "Love Me" starts with some epic techno sounds and goes into a very danceable beat, which is the perfect way to end the album. Bottom line: this album will give every girl listening Bieber Fever. This album mixes the techno and pop sounds to create some total hits that even guys can't resist. This is a great album that totally showcases all of Justin's wonderful musical talents. This C.D. is the perfect record to add to anyone's collection. Are you ready to catch the fever? Enjoy!

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