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Father of 4 • Offset MAG

March 28, 2019
By MPerez21 BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
MPerez21 BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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Kiari Kendrell Cephus, more commonly known as the rapper Offset, has recently dropped a new album called “Father of 4.” Offset originates from the small town of Lawrenceville, Georgia, and is a member of Migos, a famous rap trio with his cousins, Takeoff and Quavo.

While the trio are not likely to break their tight bond to declare superiority over the others, fans have never had a better chance to pick which member has the most talent.

Before the release of “Father of 4,” Offset released the single “Red Room.” Based on the song’s lyrics and what Offset has said to the press leading up to the album’s release, the musician is focused on who he is and what he’s been through in life. The album’s title is meant to reflect his family and fatherhood; he has four children.

“Father of 4” is an introspective look back on Offset’s journey to becoming a father and features some of his strongest writing. He is also a master at finding the beat and having an amazing flow. His lyrical strength is shown in songs like “How Did I Get Here” and “North Star” which feature J. Cole and CeeLo Green respectively. Many people have doubted Offset or disliked his music, but this rapper has more than enough charm and skill to produce an album on his own.

With the good, however, there is also the bad. Offset sometimes becomes lazy, reverting back to a poor rapping style. In addition, he was criticized for using homophobic language in one song. Offset apologized, saying he didn’t know the word “queer” referred to members of the LGBT community. He also raps the phrase “richer than the Jews” in one song, which probably doesn’t make him popular in Jewish and politically correct communities.

Offset divides the music on the album between personal stories and generalized rap, which has caused a varied response. When Offset does obtain the right flow, he can be considered one of the best rappers in the game. But other times he can sound stale and flat. Despite this, Offset has proven he can be a powerful rapper and can create his own solo album. Offset said in an interview, “I don’t do music for money. It’s my heart. This is what I believe in. It’s my creativity, and I do it for the people.”

Even though some of the album’s songs don’t encourage a second listen, Offset must be admired for the work that he constructed in these 16 songs. I rate this album a 6.5 out of 10 with my favorite songs being “Legacy” and “Lick.”

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