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My Medicine: Blue Side by J-Hope of BTS

February 10, 2019
By Anonymous

I don't know how to swim. However, I don't like going into the water with a floaty. As a result, I never go deep under the water. If I go, I know that I surely not survive.
But, life is like playing seesaw underwater. Life disregards every lacking that I have. It amplifies my faults and drowns me even more. As a mere mortal, I can't avoid what is bound to happen to me.
When I feel that I am sinking, I listen to this piece of art. As I listen to the melody, it brings my head to the surface of the water. This song keeps me floating. It neither aggresively comes nor impatiently takes me out of the cold water. It just lets me be in the flow. In simple words, it sits right in the middle of the seesaw of my life. It tells me, "I may not alleviate your ail, but I can go through it with you."
Sometime, small vibes as such is enough for you to go through the life.
That's how the song is to me.
If you ever happen to stumble upon this song, this song won't disappoint you. It will leave a mystified feelings in your heart. It will alleviate the burden from your soul. It will make you fall asleep. It will let your soul be free. It may make you angry.
If you truly love music, you will form a bond with this song, either a sweeter or a bitter one.

The author's comments:

Blue Side is an outro of an Album called Hope World. Hope World is the first mixtape of the BTS Member J-Hope. Hope World was released in March 2nd, 2018. 
BTS is a South-Korean boy band who were created in 2013 by the entertainment company called BigHit. There are seven members in BTS and J-Hope is one of them. 
Link to the lyrics and song:

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