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Collateral Beuaty
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David Frankel throws us into the heart throbbing, crying uncontrollably, mind breaking world of grief that is Collateral Beauty. This is the story of a man that underwent terrible trauma when his daughter died, and his struggle to cope with it.... (more »)
Orange Is the New Black
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Orange is the new black is a show that expresses Comedy, Romance, and a little gore. It describes the life of a female who went to prison on drug related charges named Piper. It’s a heart stopping show that will make you laugh, cry and say... (more »)
Justice League
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Lovers of Marvel tend to have a difficult time enjoying DC movies to the same degree, but with a charming cast, excellent morals, and a thrilling scope of battles, Justice League is sure to please anyone who loves a good superhero flick.... (more »)
Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban
By , Dallas, TX
Harry Potter is a great movie overall. It is about a prisoner who escapes a prison in Azkaban and his name is Sirius Black. The 3 wizards have a journey on getting to know the prisoner. One of the problems is that the pets cause a right... (more »)
Clue the Movie 1985
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This movie was so interesting in the sense that it was a comedy drama along with a mysterious feel of dark humor. This film was made in 1985 by the director Jonathan Lynn who had also directed Nuns on the Run, My Cousin Vinny, and The Fighting... (more »)
Beauty and the Beast
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On March 23, Walt Disney Pictures released one of their biggest film projects ever- Beauty and the Beast. This film stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as The Beast/The Prince. To start off, in my opinion, their could not have been a... (more »)
Save the Last Dance
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Is watching movies your favorite thing to do? There are many types of genres such as horror, drama, historical, romance and more. Movies are for entertainment. I was very entertained watching Julia Stiles as Sarah in the movie ‘Save... (more »)
By , Wilmington, DE
This movie review is gonna be about my all time favorite movie Transformers they personally done their best with all the making all the damage just to all make the movie best part is there not just only one no there are 5. Transformers the one... (more »)
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“As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster.” This opening line of my favorite movie “Goodfellas” has been burned into my brain ever since I saw this masterpiece. From a family oriented story, to... (more »)
Instructions Not Included
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Drama/Comedy PG-13 (2013) Cast: Eugenio Derbez, Loreto Peralta, Jessica Lindsey, and Daniel Raymont Director: Eugenio Derbez Synopsis: An irresponsible playboy who must grow up quickly when a former lover gives them their daughter to... (more »)
Stranger Things
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Stranger things. Created by the Duffer brothers. The genre of this serie is science- fiction horror. This history starts in a town called “hawkins’ in the 1980’s. And it is about a boy that disappears, and strange events... (more »)
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
By , wilmington, DE
 “Childhood is measured out by sounds, and smells, and sights, before the dark hour or reason crows.”                                  ... (more »)
Julius Ceaser (1953)
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This movie/play has sparked my ultimate love for Ancient Rome. I'm only going to talk about the movie version. The movie was made in 1953 and is by far the best movie version of all the movie versions I've seen. Its my favorite movie version of a... (more »)
John WIck
By , Wilimington, DE
The movie I decide to choose was one incredible movie. This movie is one of my favorite movies. I choose the movie called “John Wick”. The movie was released on October 24th, 2014. Keanu Reeves, Michael Kyqvist,  Alfie Allen, Willem Dafoe,... (more »)
2001: A Space Odyssey
By , Wyckoff, NJ
After the success of Arthur C Clarke's science fiction novel, the famed director Stanley Kubrick took it upon himself to recreate Clarke’s envisioned story. The result, a realistic yet completely fictional masterpiece, “2001 A... (more »)
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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“Guardians of the Galaxy” started out as a comic book mini series by Marvel that, despite its lack of popularity in its early years, was turned into a movie by Disney five years after they bought out Marvel in 2009. The premise of... (more »)
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