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Dofus: Book 1 Julith

May 18, 2018
By Philiac BRONZE, Querétaro, Other
Philiac BRONZE, Querétaro, Other
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Family, a concept so normal to our society that it would seem totally pointless to those who carry on with a normal not rich neither poor life. Whoever, many are the problems that arise within this so-called concept. In which we came to realize is our family really ours? how long will they last? And so, Is the questions that our little hero Joris carries own throughout the movie, Dofus: Book 1 Julith.


One of those unique movies that present to us a fluent animation capable of putting Disney to shame. Dofus is a well-crafted piece of art that for financial issues wouldn´t meet with the requirements to go on a full worldwide release. Released on February 3rd, 2016. This movie presents us with a somewhat unusual plot, for what children movies refers. It tells us the tale of a 10 year old kid named Joris as he finds who his real family is. Full of emotions and awesome battle scenes, it will make you either cry or laugh.


However, and even if it hurts my heart to say it, this movie couldn´t have been as fast paced as a snail. Having put it to the test, most people that aren’t into the fantasy and the adventure genre have indeed fallen asleep within 20 minutes into the movie. So, if you don’t really connect with fantasy and fairy powder you should probably be better of no watching the movie at all. But, for those who like good plots and an intense 2-hour adventure, this is totally the bread for you!


The soundtrack in the movie couldn´t have been more on point as it already is, varying from intense fighting/final boss themes to carefree playful tones. It makes the movie gain even more like than it already had from both the animation and the voice acting. And how could you ever forget the overflowing tunes of color in the different places the movie comes to take place, each one planed out perfectly to give the movie even more harmony than it already had.

To top it off, Dofus: Book 1 Julith it’s a movie a movie which shows us the value of the one’s closest to us, our family. A concept so simply yet so complicated…

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