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Music and Lyrics

March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Music and Lyrics is a very cute chick flick that shows how one can learn to love again after heart break and rejection. Music and Lyrics has music, comedy and romance.
Music and Lyrics tells a wonderful sweet story of how Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore) and has-been Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) join together to write a song for Cora Corman the “it” tween singer. In the process of writing the song they fall in love.
Music and Lyrics is the kind of a love story that every girl wishes would happen to her. It’s an altogether great movie and definitely worth your time.
Every character has hilarious lines that are put in at just the right times. Each character has funny personalities that fit the casting choices perfectly. The plot has surprising twists, but anyway you look at it you will be watching the credits roll happily.

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