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Wonder Woman

June 13, 2017
By TheReviewZ BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
TheReviewZ BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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 Wonder Woman, a female superheroine first appearing on All Star Comics #8, has finally been granted the opportunity to try and impress audiences that have been tempting to see arguably the most popular female superheroine in a two hour long frenzy of epic Amazionian action scenes. The movie came out in theatres on June 2nd, 2017, and made just under $150 million a week after releasing in theatres. The movie features Gal Gadot as Diana Prince, or Wonder Woman, and I think she plays the role perfectly. Her body type and physical attributes makes her identical to the Diana Prince in the comics.


Personally, I thought this movie wasn't going to be good, since this movie was an installment in the DC Comics movie franchise that featured Batman vs Superman, which is horrible, and even slightly worse, Suicide Squad. I thought this same thought during the slow beginning of the movie. When the action started kicking though, my impression for this movie totally changed. In fact, I was in shocked by how the movie transitioned from being boring, to being great. By my standards, this movie deserves a lot of credit to the female who directed who directed this.


This movie is fantastic in every way in my opinion. The dialogue's great, the acting is significant, and the action sequences are just mesmerizing. The beginning was very slow, but the action sequences made up for it. I recommend this movie to all of the superhero fanatics out there who crave upbeat action scenes, and kick-butt female superheroes.

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Producers: Warner Bros., DC Entertainment
Director: Patty Jenkins
Release Date: June 2nd, 2017
The highest grossing movie from a female director.

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