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What Happens In Vegas

December 17, 2008
By sonja ramirez BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
sonja ramirez BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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“What Happens in Vegas” this is the most hysterical movie I have seen in my life! I love the way the actors play their role and the whole setting, and its unique plot this interesting romantic story that involves with comedy and drama. Two complete strangers (Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher) find themselves hitches after a wild night at Las Vegas. Jack Fuller (Kutcher) is fired by his own father; in the other hand joy McNally (Diaz) gets dumped by her soon to be husband. They decide to go to Las Vegas to get their minds off what had occurred. Apparently Joy and Jack get booked together in a computer mix-up at the hotel. They end up spending a long drunken time in town together, and when the sun rises, Joy discovers that she unwittingly married Jack in the middle of the night. Soon they both decide that getting married was a mistake, and they both go there separate ways. Joy gives Jack a quarter and leaves. Jack then puts the quarter in a casino machine and wins the jackpot of three million dollars. Jack was trying to be selfish to keep all the money, Joy quickly reminds him that “What's mine is yours, baby”. They both want the money so they go to court .to get divorced and each get half the three million dollars. The judge sentence them to a 6th month hard core marriage, for they have to learn how to work out the marriage and have to visit the marriage counselor (Queen Latifa). They both try to make each others life miserable between the six months of marriage. I would call this an unforgettable hilarious movie. I enjoy this movie, so much I can't stop watching it!

Rated PG-13

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