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July 25, 2014
By momentoman BRONZE, Sacremento, California
momentoman BRONZE, Sacremento, California
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The movie memento is about a man that discovers his wife is being raped. He went into the bathroom to try and save her but he was slammed into the mirror and lost him memory. He go’s every day looking for the man who raped and killed his wife. He takes pictures to remember. He leaves himself notes on the back of the pictures to tell himself what happen. He is constantly forgetting stuff and he only can believe the fact he wrote down.

The main character name is lanner. Lenny is a man that is very attentive he pays attention to every little detail he is crazy with no fear, Lenny reminds me of a detective. Teddy is actually a dirty cop that help Lenny find the murder named ‘’James .G’’. Natalie is a drug dealer that uses Lenny to get money and drugs she used him to kill a man for her benefits.

The movie is all about how we believe what we want to believe. Lenny lies to himself to keep going on trying to find his wife’s killer. He makes it his soul purpose to find his wife’s killer. It is about how we lie to our self’s to make us feel or look better we choose the story’s we want to be told about us

I was actually confused throughout the whole movie. I really liked the movie it was very interesting and I like it a lot and it is worth watching it a second time. I believe that the movie represents all of us and that we lie to our self’s to make ourselves believe we are good.

The author's comments:
i was inspired by this movie to open my eyes and not believe everything i hear

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