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By Anonymous

   From the director of "Beetlejuice" comes another excellent and touching film, "Edward Scissorhands." Unlike the "It's o.k. to be different" rosy picture of life that "Beetlejuice" presents, this film gives a more accurate social picture through the actions and feelings of the main character, Edward. He is a robot brought to life by a mad scientist (Vincent Price, of course), yet he was left incomplete.

Edward has scissors for hands, and subsequently, he cuts everything and everyone he comes in contact with, thus portraying the painful life of an outsider. Although he is inexperienced with human relations, Edward can give you a great haircut, or trim your hedges into a menagerie of animals.

The character of Edward will charm you and you will miss all his sweetness when the movie is over. You will realize through Edward's emotions and loneliness that it is sometimes not o.k. to be different, and that sometimes creating beautiful art is a lonely and solemn thing.

I have a feeling that possibly Tim Burton used this movie as a somewhat autobiographical expression of society's inhumanity to its fellow creatures. Yet, whatever the background history, Burton should be applauded, and "Edward Scissorhands" should be given two thumbs up.

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