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By Anonymous

   "Saturday Night Fever," the 1977 musical drama, deserves more than to be considered a celebration of polyester suits and disco music.

The movie is about Tony Manero who is nineteen and lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with his family. He is a born leader - handsome, likable and thoughtful. He works in a paint store during the week and dances away his paycheck at Disco 2001 Odyssey every Saturday night.

2001 is where Tony gets his natural high. Strutting and dancing to the heady, intoxicating music and lights, Tony is king of the dance floor. This disco is also where he meets Stephanie Mangano. She is twenty and determined to get out of Bay Ridge. She works as a secretary at a public relations agency in Manhattan and is trying to turn herself into a refined and sophisticated woman of the world. She's changing - or so she tells Tony, although it's obvious she doesn't really believe herself. Stephanie is also the one woman who can match Tony's dancing.

Stephanie and Tony enter a dance contest at 2001 together, and to the Bee Gees' falsetto beat, the two reluctantly become friends.

"Saturday Night Fever" has a strong storyline and is well-acted. Kudos to John Travolta (Tony), Karen Lynn Gorney (Stephanie),and Lester Wilson, the choreographer. If you're tired of boring, materialistic videos, check out.this one. n

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i love this so much!

mplo said...
on Jul. 17 2016 at 10:34 am
Yes!! Saturday Night Fever was wonderful as a film, as well. The music and the dancing, as well as the soundtrack, were fabulous. It's like West Side Story in a number of respects, which is one reason that I enjoyed it a great deal.