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Schindler's List

February 21, 2014
By Anonymous

One of the Saddest Movies I’ve Ever Seen

Schindler’s List was, by all means, a good movie. It was based on a true story set in 1942 germany, and was about a man named Oskar Schindler, who sold various things to the military for a living. In the beginning, he sold pots and pans and by the end he sold artillery shells. Although Schindler was a very charismatic character, he was not a likable character from the eyes of the viewer. He treated his workforce like money, and his workforce was the jews. However, by the end he was a very kind, likable character, you have to bear with him for about two hours of the movie.

Now, what made this sad was one: it was in the holocaust and two: the various important characters that I watched shooting random people for the heck of it really started to bug me. Oskar Schindler treated his work force like money, was friends with the Herr kommandant (or sir commander in english), which was the leader of a concentration camp who randomly shot people because he could. That same man also raided a town which I got to watch as well.
The movie also had a way of getting me attached to certain characters that never interacted or talked to anyone, like one little girl is in red while the rest of them are in black and white, and schindler stares at her with sad music for some time. And of course (SPOILER WARNING) those characters they make the watcher like are killed at another sad scene to make said person burst in tears.
The music is also pretty good, composed and conducted by john williams, it’s almost guaranteed to be good. The music fits the movie perfectly, a sad song with a sad moment, a hopeful song with a hopeful moment, ect. It’ll get you in the mood without any issues, and adds a lot to the movie.
Overall, it’s a good movie, it’s sad, engaging, and tear-drawing. Part of it is predictable, but that is true with almost every story. There are a few moments that your parents might have trouble with you watching, but considering the setting, they’ll probably get over themselves.

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