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Thor: The dark world

December 21, 2013
By LegendKeeper DIAMOND, Unadilla, New York
LegendKeeper DIAMOND, Unadilla, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"What is impossible with man is possible with God." Luke 18:27

When we last left Asgard, Thor had just defeated his evil brother Loki, completely demolished the Bifrost (to those who haven't seen the first movie or read the legends, the Bifrost is a rainbow bridge used to teleport people from, say, Asgard to Earth), reconciled with his father, and left Jane on earth. Now, over two years later, the Bifrost has been rebuilt, so Thor can go visit Jane! Huzzah! Problem though: Odin doesn't want Thor to have a relationship with Jane. "You should take notice of what's in front of you." He says to his son, looking pointedly at Sif. "Well, okay dad, but it can't hurt to as Heimdall how Jane is doing. What's that Heimdall? You can't see her?! Rev up the engines, I'm going down there!" alright, so that's not exactly what Thor said, but the idea is the same.
In the meantime, Jane has been going out on blind dates and investigating mysterious portals appearing all over England, with Selvig, Darcy, and Darcy's intern, Ian. As she is exploring an abandoned warehouse, she get sucked into a portal, and ends up in a massive cavern, where there is only darkness and a red light glowing from between two rocks. Suddenly a red liquid shoots out at her and she falls unconscious. Think Venom to Eddie Brock, only once it touches her, it goes INSIDE her body.
Thousands of miles away, the ancient leader of the dark elves, Malekith (Mal-a-key-th), wakes up out of his centuries long slumber, and announces: "The Aether awakens us. The convergence returns."
In order to save Jane from Malekith, Thor must put his life, his girlfriend's life, and the universes future in the hands of the most dangerous person in all Asgard.

the bad stuff:
Eric Selvig claims that taking his pants off helps him to think, and there is a scene where he does. A news reel of him running around Stonehenge, in the buff, is shown a couple times.
Darcy swears quite a bit more. Characters are shoved into force-fields, sucked into miniature black-holes, blown up, shot, tossed, stabbed to death, burned alive, hit with clubs and hammers, relieved of limbs, punched, and all that lovely stuff. Loki disguises a male character as a female. Thor and his friends hang out at a tavern. A girl accidentally is caught off balance and steady's herself against Thor's chest. Malekith cuts one of his own men open, inserts a magic stone inside the wound, and turns the soldier into a monster. Malekith calls Fregga a witch. Thor threatens a policeman. Odin apparently doesn't care for Jane's situation, which could kill her. Jane's date makes a comment on his previous girlfriend, saying that she would "sleep with other guys". Selvig takes a lot of meds. Loki tells someone that he'll see them in the fiery furnace.

The good stuff:
Odin denies the idea that the Asgardians are gods, contrary to Loki's belief. In order to save the universe, Thor and his friends are willing to risk eternal banishment or death. Fregga protects Jane even though she barely knows her. When a black-hole grenade goes off nearby them, Loki throws Jane out of harm's way, endangering himself. Jane attempts to save Thor's life, but nearly fails.

The author's comments:
Thor 2!!!Yay!!! or not.

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