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By Anonymous

   Moreoften than not critics harshly scrutinize sequels. The same was true for"Rush Hour 2," and while most critics hated the Jackie Chan and ChrisTucker combination, I believe it works great. It may well be the bestaction/comedy of the year.

This time around, James Carter (Tucker) is in aforeign country as Inspector Lee (Chan) and goes to China. Their vacation is cutshort when Lee is put on assignment: he must stop a series of crimes caused bythe Triad gang. Agent Sterling (Harris Yulin) of the FBI tells Lee to stay out ofit, which only provokes Lee and Carter to get involved, sparking some intenseaction scenes.

Some of the film's greatest moments are action scenes. Asin all his movies, Chan does his own stunts. Most of the movie is highadrenaline: climbing bamboo buildings, fighting in a massage parlor, and brawlingin the casino.

The comedy is also well above par. Chan and Tucker'srelationship becomes better and better, resulting in clever jokes. Some commentsmay seem racist, but they make less politically correct theater audiences eruptin laughter. The action scenes are also loaded with humor. Audiences, already onthe edge of their seats, fall off them in laughter. The out-takes at the end alsogive everyone something to laugh at.

The movie is full of great surprises,including the ending. The special effects are minimal because most of the scenesinvolve a lot of action. The movie is shot in light bright enough to see what isgoing on and the camera angles leave nothing to be desired.

I give thismovie a 9 out of 10, and suggest buying it, or at least renting it. I guaranteeit will be worth your time.

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