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October 7, 2008
By NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
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I give this movie four out of four stars

Radio is a movie about a mentally disabled young man, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., who likes to be called by the name “Radio”, and a former football coach of the Hanna Yellow Jackets, Coach Jones, played by Ed Harris, who shows kindness to Radio. In this movie, Radio is a man with a shopping cart full of his belongings that he pushes around. He stumbled upon football practice one day, and after having all the football players’ torcher and torment him, Coach Jones invites him to stop by practice anytime he wants, and after that, Radio always stops by to watch. When others think Radio is dumb and just someone to pull cold-hearted tricks on, Coach Jones steps up and shows kindness to him and treats him with respect, and even invites Radio in after practice to enjoy a burger, which he eats up without a moment to lose.

Bringing joy to the town, Radio finally wins the hearts of everyone at Hanna High School, on the football team, and everywhere else across town, except one person, someone who thinks Radio doesn’t belong. In my opinion, I think this movie is excellent and warms you up. It is a great movie that reminds you to not judge someone from the outside, but to see who they truly are from within.

Radio is rated PG for mild language and thematic elements, but I think this movie can be enjoyed by anyone and of all ages.

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