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By Anonymous

     "Underworld" is a phenomenal movie that is greatly underrated by audiences who like action and adventure genres. The plot - a present-day war between lycans (werewolves) and vampires - makes for an action-packed movie.

In this war between beasts, Kate Beckinsale plays Selena, a vampire thirsting for revenge. Her family was killed years before by the lycans, and this blood lust fuels her passion to get rid of every lycan.

This movie has lots of action, thrilling fight sequences, special effects and a spectacular plot. The storyline has many twists, including both the vampires and lycans becoming civilized, with the exception of a few who retain their barbaric nature. And since the setting is the present, their weapons have been upgraded to modern-day armaments: the solar bullet (weakness of the vampires) and silver nitrate bullets (weakness of the lycans).

I certainly recommend this movie for hardcore fans of vampires and werewolves, or to anywho loves action and gore. What a pity there isn't a sequel.

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i love this so much!