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By Anonymous

     Set in South Boston, "Mystic River,"based on the novel by Dennis Lehane, not only keeps you entertained, but at theedge of your seat.

The film follows the story of three Southie boys, Sean(Kevin Bacon), Dave (Tim Robbins) and Jimmy (Sean Penn), who grew up together andthen >reconnect in the search for the murderer of Jimmy'sdaughter.

Directed by the acclaimed Clint Eastwood, the film never has adull moment. While each character is developed, the audience has no choice but tobecome actively involved with the unfolding murder case. The strong actors,especially Penn, contribute enormously to its excellence.

Although thestoryline is quite serious, there are several moments of comic relief. The filmis rated R mostly because of its language and violence, and is definitelyrecommended for a more mature audience.

I would think that once you'veseen the movie you would be interested in reading the book, too. Anyone who likesintense, powerful and emotional storylines is sure to enjoy "MysticRiver." This motion picture is certain to be an award-winner, so if youhaven't seen it yet, hurry, because it's going to be a hit!

This movie israted R.

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