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By Anonymous

     When I heard that "Big Fish" is the"Wizard of Oz" of my generation, I had to see it! With clever humor, aromantic plot and a few spooky scenes, this movie is about the courageous life ofa not-so-simple fellow.

On his death bed, Edward Bloom (Albert Finney)attempts to reach out to his grown, imaginationless son, Will (Billy Cruddup),who is more than tired of hearing his dad's tall tales of witches, giants and anuncatchable big fish. As Will tries to endure his dad's overtold stories, Edwardtakes the audience back to his life as a child.

Ewan McGregor plays theyoung Edward who sets out on the adventure of his life. Seeing his death in theglass eye of a witch, Eddie is fearless when it comes to danger. Taking off froma small American town, his journey is an unlikely one, leading to theutopian town of Spectra, a circus full of surprises and the love of his life.

In the theater, everyone oohed and ahhed about the enchanted legend of abrave man with high hopes. This delightful story had me grinning from ear to ear,stretching my smiles as well as my imagination. The scenes are delirious andoutrageous, but the mystical excursion of Edward is inspiring and heartwarming.

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i love this so much!