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By Kelly C., Hemet, CA

     Steven Spielberg’s “The Terminal” is a cute comedy (starring Tom Hanks) about a traveler from Krackosia who speaks little English. His country is at war and his government has been overturned, therefore trapping him in an airport terminal as a man without a country.

During his months-long stay, Victor slowly feels at home. He learns to speak English, makes friends, becomes a building contractor, gains the respect of the regulars at the terminal, and even falls in love.

Victor is asked many times why he came to New York, and this is the heart of the movie.

Spielberg and Hanks make a great team. This movie is very enjoyable for many age groups. There are awesome performances, not to mention an unbelievable soundtrack by John Williams. I recommend “The Terminal” to anyone who likes a good laugh and a great plot!

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i love this so much!