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By Ryan E., Wilmington, DE

     Since September 11, many people look at firefighters differently because of their heroism on that day. Finally, there’s a movie about the everyday life of these great men.

I was a little skeptical because I didn’t think “Ladder 49” could top 1991’s “Backdraft.” At best I thought it would be a good copy of my favorite firefighter movie, but I was completely wrong. “Ladder 49” is so jam-packed with humor, drama, suspense and action that you might want to go out and save a life after seeing it.

Set in a firehouse in Baltimore, Maryland, Jack Morrison (Joaquin Phoenix) is a rookie who has just been transferred to there and is the victim of many pranks. As he helps at many fire rescues, he starts to gain respect and becomes a great firefighter. On the other hand, he has a family who is constantly worried about the danger he is in.

Captain Mike Kennedy (John Travolta) and Morrison become very close. They often enter burning buildings and depend on each other to save others as well as themselves, which builds a great camaraderie.

Although there are many fires and rescues, there is another side to the story. There are a few tear-jerking parts because of the hardships that these men go through. “Ladder 49” puts in perspective what firefighters experience. I like how this film goes up-close and personal with the heroes of Ladder 49.

I think everyone will like this movie. Even if you’re not into the whole suspenseful action of a blazing fire, there is a love story and a great account of brotherhood that will touch you. It is totally worth watching.

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