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A.I. Artificial Intelligence

September 2, 2013
By mrsperegrine GOLD, Stratham, New Hampshire
mrsperegrine GOLD, Stratham, New Hampshire
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A.I. Artificial Intelligence Movie Review

A.I. Artificial Intelligence was a hit film produced by Steven Spielberg and was released onto the big screen on June 26th, 2001. A.I. Artificial Intelligence was an intriguing futuristic science – fiction film about a boy who was a mechanical robot, but was created to look identical to a human and once activated by a parent-like figure, he would have the ability to love his parent just like any other human child. In this story, a humanoid named David, is adopted by a couple who’s son, Martin, is about to die of a rare disease whom the doctors are currently trying to find a cure for. Monica, the wife, was originally adverse to the idea, but changed her mind after bonding with David, and “activated” him using a protocol to feel the human emotion of bonding with a parent. However, once it turns out that Monica and Henry’s son has been cured, Martin becomes jealous of David and tries to “edge him out” of the family. His attempts are unsuccessful, but after David inadvertently almost drowns Martin, when David’s self – protection button is activated by one of Martin’s friends, Monica decides to release David into the woods in order to keep her son Martin safe. David, angry and confused, eventually searches for the “blue fairy” from The Adventures of Pinocchio in hopes that she will turn him into a real boy so his mother would take him back. On the way, David makes new friends that will help him, enemies that want to use him, and encounters very interesting and complex situations. This was an excellent film that was not only science fictional, but suspenseful as well! The outstanding usage of imagery provided for great suspense that also gave you a good idea of the type of environment David was trying to survive in. Between the gruesome execution shows for droids that were shown and New York City being completely flooded, you could not help but feel sorry for David as he was trying to navigate life and his overall existence. In addition, the movie had a suspenseful surprise twist ending! When I was watching the movie, I expected David to turn into a boy or to be destroyed because he was a humanoid, but to my surprise, he wakes up after being frozen during the Earth’s next ice age, and is the last memory of human kind. David meets droid robots who have the ability to take things from David’s memory and recreate them. David’s one wish is for them to bring back his mother, but since 2,000 years had past, they could only bring her back for one day. They spend a fantastic day together, and at the end of the day, it is inferred that David dies and goes to Heaven with her, even though he is not human. The ending was very touching but also very thought provoking as well, and I believe that all suspenseful films are thought provoking. For anyone that loves suspense combined with futuristic science fiction, I would definitely put this on the list as films to watch!

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I wrote this movie review for a project in school and thought it turned out really well!

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