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By Anonymous

     I don’t know where they found Brandon Routh, but I cannot think of a better Superman. He is so believable, I love it. He’s also not bad on the eyes, if you know what I’m saying.

I’ve had a problem with Kate Bosworth these past few years, but I’m over that now. She’s fine, I love her, if she invited me to lunch I’d grab my bag and be on my way. The casting director made a wise choice with her. I love the fact that Lois has a kid. It shows that we’re not back in the old Superman times anymore and that Lois is human. I also really like that James Marsden is Richard White; I always enjoy every opportunity he has to take off those X-Men glasses.

I’m not to sure I would have cast Kevin Spacey as Lex Luther, but he’s an amazing actor and did a good job. And watch out for that adorable Tristan Lake Leabu playing Jason! He is so cute.

Clearly, I love the cast. I also like the storyline and plot. It isn’t as good as “Pirates,” but nothing is going to compare to that in my mind.

The only thing I would change about “Superman Returns” is hair. I like Bosworth much better as a blonde and don’t believe she had to be a brunette for this movie. You know, it’s the twenty-first century, Lois could have had a dye job. Parker Posey’s hair, on the other hand, is horrible! I’m not diggin’ that. The poor woman’s hair is frizzy and just everywhere. You would think that Lex Luther could spring to let her go to the salon. Hair problems aside, I give this film two thumbs up and encourage you to see it.

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