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Star Trek: Into Darkness

May 18, 2013
By Sam_121699 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Sam_121699 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Let me start off by saying that I love Star Trek. I saw Star Trek episodes before I even saw Star Wars, which would surprise a lot of you, I’m sure. Star Trek was created in the mid-1960’s by Gene Roddenberry, and the pilot was aired in 1966. The original show ran for three seasons, rather than the five Roddenberry had hoped for. “How did you know that he hoped for five seasons?” some of you might ask. Well, just listen to the words said in the opening credits:
“Space: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Her five year mission: to explore strange new worlds, find new life and civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before!”
The most recent addition to the beloved Star Trek franchise is Star Trek: Into Darkness, starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Pine plays James Tiberius Kirk, Captain of the USS Enterprise Starship NCC-1701. Cumberbatch plays Khan, or John Harrison. Quinto plays First Officer Spock, a half-human half-vulcan hybrid. In this rendition of Spock, he is more “human” than he is in any other Star Trek movies or episodes. He “feels” more, and this ends up being a major plot-point which is an aspect of the film I enjoyed. Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock, makes an appearance in this film as well, but it’s a smaller part than he had in the 2009 Star Trek film. The reason I’m not going into detail about khan or kirk is because khan has a backstory I don’t want to spoil, and kirk is one of the most famous characters in existence (and he is no different in this than he is in the original show).
The climax of the film was a bit disappointing, as there was so much buildup to it. It wasn’t in a cool spaceship, or in space, or anything like that. It was on Earth. On top of some sort of cargo ship. In the middle of the day. The events surrounding the climax were very entertaining, however, and the very end was my favorite part. Not because it ended, but because it ended right before the original show began, with Pine reciting the famous words delivered in the opening credits of the original show. My least favorite part of the film was after the climax, and it had to do with how they dealt with Khan, but I won’t spoil it.
Overall the film was a good Star Trek experience, and I enjoyed it save a few minor problems I had.
OVERALL: 8.5/10

Rent?: Yes
Purchase?: Yes

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