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Over Her Dead Body

June 5, 2008
By Kelly Jung, Attleboro, MA

“Just because she's passed on...Doesn't mean she's moving on,” is the tagline for the movie Over Her Dead Body, a romantic comedy with a hint of fantasy, directed and written by Jeff Lowell. The movie, released last Feb., stars Eva Longoria Parker, Paul Rudd, and Lake Bell.
Henry (Rudd) is a veterinarian who is about to marry Kate (Parker) when she is crushed by an angel. An ice sculpture ordered for the wedding didn’t meet Kate’s standards and when the artist begins to back up his truck, the angel falls on the bride and kills her.
The death of Kate takes Henry a while to get over, and when his sister Chloe, finally becomes fed up with his sulking, she hooks him up with Ashley, a psychic. Henry and Ashley start to feel a connection until Kate’s ghost is sent back to Earth to make Henry happy, but she doesn’t realize when her selfishness takes over. Kate wants Ashley out of her husband’s life. Her jealous ghost is there 24/7 making Ashley miserable.
Over Her Dead Body is a great movie; it’s not corny and it shows the real jealousy of a girl letting go of the one she loves.

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