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March 14, 2008
By Anonymous

“Well we can die in the tunnels, we can go up and die in the streets, or we can just stay here and die!”

This is Hud’s, one of the main characters, major line in the movie Cloverfield! Many people thought this was going to be another of those Godzilla movies (movie where Godzilla, the giant dinosaur/ lizard, attacks the New York but always saves humanity in the end. But the creature in this is so horrible, so vicious, and so powerful, that it couldn’t be Godzilla. No, the “Cloverfield” monster is much, much worse. This movie as some other critics say is “The Blair Witch Project” crossed with “Alien”. I agree with them. It’s the best Sci-Fi thriller to hit the silver screen.

The movie starts with Jason a young guy in his twenties walking around his apartment and messing around. His brother, Rob, is leaving on a trip to Japan to work for the company Taguro. So Jason’s girlfriend is throwing a going away party for him. She orders Jason to film people saying good bye to Rob. Of course Jason is to lazy to do that so he gives the camera to Hud, Rob’s best friend. Rob’s ex-girlfriend comes to the party with a new boyfriend and Rob becomes a wreck. As Hud is comforting Rob (Jason isn’t being helpful) a huge earthquake shakes the building. Everyone runs outside and the head of the Statue of Liberty falls and hits a car near the building. They try to escape New York by the bridge when a huge tail comes down on the bridge right on top of Jason. They run back into the city and seek cover in the subway lines, but unknown to them little creatures that have fallen off the giant monster are following them. The get attacked and Hud’s crush, Marlena, gets bitten as they find shelter with soldiers the Marlene suddenly starts expanding and she pops. Then they try to escape by helicopter with a military pilot. Will they make it? You’ve got to see the movie to find out!
Cloverfield has a lot in common with most Sci-Fi movies especially Godzilla. First of all they both incorporate a monster attacking New York. The monsters are very different though. Godzilla can help the humans while the Cloverfield monster just eats them. Also the Cloverfield Monster’s origin is unknown while Godzilla is comes from radiation.

Cloverfield was produced by J.J. Abrams who is also the producer of the awesome TV show “Lost.” It is a great movie because it leaves the audience on the edge of their seats. Only true masterpieces can do that. There are some problems with the movie that make it inappropriate for young children. The two problems with the movie (the reason why it is PG-13) are that there is a lot of gore and they use bad words excessively.

All in all I give this movie five out of five smiley faces. I recommend it to people who like movies about monsters attacking New York and movies that keep you on the edge of your seat. If you want to find out background info (indirectly) on the Cloverfield monster go to

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