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The Crucible

May 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Witches, real or fake? According to the Salem witch trials, they are real. Arthur Miller the author of The Crucible, which is the retelling of the Salem witch trials through his eyes. On November 27th, 1996, the production of The Crucible a thrilling drama was first shown. Directed by Nicholas Hytner and written by Arthur Miller.

This movie was presented with great intensity. This movie was based off of the book The Crucible. It was about how Mr. Parris (Bruce Davison) was walking through the forest and saw Abigail (Winona Ryder) his niece, Betty, Mary Warren (Karron Graves), Tituba (Charlayne Woodard), and other girls dancing in the forest around a pot. They were accused of witchcraft and Abigail kept lying about everything, and she made the other girls lie so she wouldn’t get in trouble. So they called Mr. Hale (Rob Campbell) to see if the girls have been cursed by the devil. He came to the conclusion that the devil is walking the roads of Salem. Once everyone knows the devil is in Salem, Abigail starts accusing people just so she can have John Proctor (Daniel Day-Lewis) to herself. But John Proctor doesn’t want to be with her, he wants to be with his wife Elizabeth Proctor (Joan Allen). Soon everybody was accusing everybody of witchcraft, like Mrs. Putnam (Frances Conroy) accused Rebecca Nurse for her babies dying. Since everybody was accusing people because they didn’t like them, Mr. Hale called in governor Danforth (Paul Scofield). Danforth decided who was hung and who was arrested. Many people were accused some confessed and some were hung.

All the actresses and actors did an excellent job playing the parts of their person. They were not disparate from their character in the book. There was not one person who did a bad job playing their part. I think it was a good choice that the director added two parts in the movie that were not in the book. Like the one part when Abigail and John Proctor meet in the woods.

The setting and the music chosen was perfect, this movie was perfectly made. Also the movie was less confusing compared to the book, because you know how the person is by their face and in the book all you have is their name. There was really no nuanced between the movie and book.

This movie isn’t for children, it’s too graphic, and it deals with a lot of poignancy. This movie is more for people 13 years and over. I think girls and boys, high school and up would enjoy this movie because there is action and drama in it. Over this entire movie was very good, unlike most movies produced about a book, it pretty much followed the book completely.

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