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April 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Enough is a movie about a woman named Slim, she falls in love and ends up getting married. She finds out her husband is cheating on her and confronts him. Her husband continues to cheat, to him Slim is "powerless". She tries confronting him again but this confrontation leads to a life on the run. They have a child named Gracie and trying to protect her is the only thing that matters to Slim, but her husband is always finding her no matter where she goes. She is constantly coming up with new escape plans and all while trying to raise a daughter. After a while anyone could get sick of a life on the run like hers easily, being threatened, scared, woken up in the middle of the night, and always on your toes just waiting for something to happen. She's afraid to get too close to anyone or stay with friends because she knows they will be threatened too and risk putting them in danger. After awhile Slim leaves Gracie with her best friend for a week while she goes to training. She trains to learn to fight and stand up for herself, hoping to put an end to all the madness. She becomes pre-pared for his biggest surprises. This time when he tries she'll be ready.

This movie touches hearts everywhere. All mothers will cry. This is an amazing tale that stands up for women everywhere and is a perfect mother-daughter movie. You would never expect this to happen to you, but the truth is, it could. This movie is incredibly heart touching, and could not possibly have a better ending, but I guess you will have to figure that out for yourself when you see what's in store in "Enough".

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