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Beauty and the Beast

October 23, 2007
By Anonymous

“Beauty and the Beast,” is a fun-loving movie that is entitled to all ages. It’s about a vibrant, young, and beautiful girl who falls in love with “the Beast.” Although no one wants to get to know him because of his looks, Beauty finds happiness and joy in getting to know him.

With the unique cast of directors Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, they strive to make this movie as enjoyable as possible. Belle the Beauty (Paige O’Hara), the Beast (Robby Benson), along with loving characters and friends try to make this movie lovable and appropriate for all to take pleasure in.
A young, mean, and selfish prince shows that he lacks affection for anyone or anything. Due to his unlovable ways, he is turned into “the Beast.” Belle, the Beauty, searches for her father through this dark and spooky palace in which “the Beast” lives. There she discovers the Beasts’ personality and who he is on the inside. However, the Beast has to find true love before the magical rose dies. The only problem is: the one he finds love with, has to deeply love him back in return. So the question is: Will Beauty find love with the sensitive man the village people call “the Beast?”

The theme “love overcomes all,” is definitely shown in which you really come to see and understand that it’s not just what’s on the outside. Rather, it’s what is seen on the inside of someone that really matters in life. Beauty is the only one who really takes an interest in getting to know the Beast and what he is all about.
This fairytale cannot be compared to any other fairytale. Why? This is because of the trust, hope, loyalty, and faith that are involved. This movie is so moving and emotional, that it gives way to tears and big smiles. It has the perfect ending a rough beginning. I recommend that all take the time to enjoy the love, joy, and happiness is found between Beauty and the Beast. Remember, that “love conquers all things.”

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