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The Girl with a Dragoin Tattoo

January 6, 2012
By Marcus Arnold SILVER, Thornton, Colorado
Marcus Arnold SILVER, Thornton, Colorado
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I had to admit it had a quite the appealing name, but would it live up to its expectations? The name just catches your attention as you read in your head, “The girl with a dragon tattoo.” At first I pondered in my mind after much speculation of the title and the amazing previews, to judge whether or not this would be a good movie. Then judgment day came and I paid my ten dollars to watch the high hyped movie, “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.”

Needless to say after I purchased my ticket I didn’t know what I was in for, this movie had a lot of hype and expectation to live up, and it and it would either live or die by that hype. For starters the movie had probably one of the utmost openings to a movie by far. They had spent well money on the special effects and it showed the music was also a strong compliment to the liquid formed bodies transforming to one another. A downfall was the introduction was a solid ten minutes long. I do admit thought at first we were off to a fine start. The movie began very gradually like, but it was due to the build up of characters. This brings me to this point, where I deem the characters and their roles were phenomenal. Lisbeth Slander who plays the women with the dragon tattoo did a outstanding job. It takes a lot to play the role of a women, with such a sinister and puzzling persona, not only that, but to play such a crude role as well. It takes a hell of an actress to take part in such a role, to where she jolts a chrome dildo into one mans rectum. Complimentary to that, you can see her and her role evolve throughout the movie and start to show some emotion and a hint of love for Christopher Plummer. He really fed off her acting, as he grew from being a writer who as slandered for misjudgment, to solving a murder for a multi-millionaire with the help of Lisbeth Slander. Character development was stupendous.

The director David Fincher did a wonderful job with this movie. With the accolade of great actors and a pervious award winner screen writer Steven Zaillian the story line was perfect. The idea which came from a best selling Swedish author was ideal. David Fincher and his cast did a superb job on feeding off the book and its magnitude. The only downfall to the movie was it took about an hour to get the plot going. Although in that hour we got a well required background of characters. The plot build up was beautiful work though; the director did a well job covering three novels in two hours. With a great plot and compliment of marvelous actors, “The girl With a Dragon Tattoo” was A quality. I would recommend this movie for anyone looking for a climaxed murder.

The author's comments:
"This movie will have you on your edge!"

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