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Resident Evil: Extinction

March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Resident Evil: Extinction was a thriller from start with a logical explanation of a deadly disease. A caravan of uninfected people including a woman named Alice must stop the evil umbrella corporation from polluting the world with these “Monsters”. Brilliant Camera Angles in chase and fight scenes with lightning to fit the scene took an unexpected toll on me. Phenomenal music made the movie come to life. Myriad slicing and dicing scenes (heads being chopped off and bodies splitting in two) make this a very inappropriate for younglings less than 14 years of age. The director, Russell Mulcahy, did an excellent job of making this movie come to life.

(*****) Five star performances from actors Milla Jovovich(Alice), Oded Fehr(Carlos Olivera), and Ali Larter(Claire Redfield) made this movie jump out of the big screen and surprise you with their actions and reactions. Without a doubt, the best Resident Evil movie of the series.

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